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By September 8, 2017Uncategorized
Hey guys I’m excited to share with you all that I will be part of the "Build Team" for the #IGBuildersChallenge4!  Yeah, I just threw a lyrical hashtag at you.  What of it?  That’s how I roll.  #sorrynotsorry (but sort of sorry I just brought that tag back into relevance). 
So what’s the "IGBuildersChallenge" and what’s this episode IV?  If you’ve been following me from the beginning of the website (liar) you’ll know I participated in the OG #IGBuilderschallenge and built (in my opinion) an awesome take on a media console, but with apothecary drawers.  Having never made a drawer in my life, I decided it was a good time to change the design plans and build 12 drawers.  Yes 12.

Did I design the whole project myself?  Nope.  Ana White designed the basic plans (you can see the original build plans and project here).  The way this challenge works is everyone who signs up gets the same set of mystery base plans at the same time.  You then have 3 weeks to build the project, put your own spin on it and post it to Instagram to enter.  Enter?  Yes… You’re in competition… against builders all across the country to win an awesome prize pack.  It’s a fight to the death… like the Hunger Games, but with power tools… and uh… no deaths.  So it’s not really like the Hunger Games at all I guess. 

So how do you participate in the #IGBuildersChallenge4? You head over to theofficial website hereand sign up.  That’s it.  Plans will get emailed to you and you’ll have 3 weeks, starting October 1st, to knock this mystery build out and post to the appropriate hashtag on Instagram to enter.  Easy peasy.  You have absolutely no obligation if you’re not interested in the plans or just don’t have the time to build.  So it’s low risk, but it’s great exposure for anyone who participates whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner DIY’er.
This season, plans are being designed by the talented Jen Woodhouse who will also be judging along with the Mother of DIY’ing Ana White and Clint Harp from Fixer Upper & Wood Work!
Oh, and real quick… what’s it mean that I’m part of the official IGBuildersChallnege Build Team?  It means that I’ll be on the other side of the challenge this time with a few other awesome builders sharing tips and tutorials along the way in how we built our own versions of this new mystery project (we’re like a woodworking help desk).  We’ll also be showing you the products we used in the build that were provided by an awesome group of sponsors that you will also get a chance to win during the challenge.
Excited yet? You Should be.
~Lazy Guy

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